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VFM to meet with local MP on Friday

(October 19, 2010)
Dr. Andrew Murrison MP is to meet visionforwarminster co-author Paul Macdonald two days after the comprehensive spending review is announced by the alliance of Conservatives and their coalition partners in the House of Commons.
"My urgent concern is one initiative that I decided to take up which would see more active play areas for eight to 13-year-olds," says Paul. "I do not want to lose that opportunity altogether."
"As I have the opportunity to talk to Andrew I have added another issue that I care passionately about. The future of local hospitals."
The MP has in the past raised the issue of the number of serious accidents on the A36 around Warminster in parliament. This will once again be an issue Paul will raise.
"I just do not understand why with the cost of each fatal incident costing the authorities a six figure sum to deal with no progress is being made on the road between here and Salisbury," adds Paul.
The MP has lived in Warminster and Paul says he hopes he will 'be conducive to listening''.
"I feel Warminster is at a major crossroads with regard to its future which is why I joined Steve (Dancey) in launching our visionforwarminster website," say Paul.
"I still feel very strongly that our town can make a postive contribution to the defence industry so I will also be putting forward our idea that the opportunity exists to creat a major military-cum-civilian enterprise area.
"The job creation opportunities are there to be grabbed!"
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