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Dare we hope that Queensway play area will come about?

(October 23, 2010)
THE Government's plans to cut public spending that placed a fledging play area scheme has been rescued by local community campaigner Paul Macdonald and hundreds of his counterparts across the country.
They had been working with officicial play advisers on providing the most popular equipment for children who had outgrown slides and rocking horses.
"The project for Queensway rec is possibly now back on the cards if their are no strings attached or Wiltshire Council do not use the cash elsewhere," says Paul Macdonald.
Back in August Paul pledged (see hot topics - August 14th): 


"I am going to go-ahead with this and dare the Tories and Lib Dems to take the axe to it and the other schemes under way all across the country."


"The Minister had threatened wiping out the playbuilder scheme almost altogether but now have accepted my and others views that it should reduced but not cut altogether," explains Paul
The playbuilder scheme had for just over a year been successful in providing zip-wires and other popular play equipment for those over eight-years-old to use.
In respsonce the minister Michael Gove writes: ''I have therefore decided to make a total saving of £20.8m to the original play capital budget of £75m'.
"I am awaiting full details but we will hopefully be able to now go ahead with theis much wanted improvement to our local play area.
"But with all these things it is over to Wiltshire Council. I am awaiting the sting in the tail when they get the full details!"
Paul had lobbied the local MP Andrew Murrison who in turn had made representations.
"He was pleased that our local community initiative had a chance to go-ahead when I told him today," adds Paul.

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