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Super hero Batman visits the Town Hall (with gorillaman)

(November 07, 2010)
EVEN comic book superheroes are coming to the aid of Warminster Town Hall in its hour of need - though a slight batmanmistake led to the greatest of them all appearing in the town on Sunday.
Batman, the hero of Gotham City, winged his way to Warminster at top speed on the news that the town hall was under attack from the penguin.
''I paid particular heed as my famous batgloves are made in this very town,'' said Batman.
When Steve of VFW met up with the mighty man on the steps of the hall he was at pains to correct the mistake.
''Actually the hall has been under attack from the pigeon rather than the penguin, and he's a more difficult proposition as unlike the penguin, he still has the power of flight,'' said Steve.
The great man was non-nonplussed but gorilla man, who for some reason was there instead of Robin, could only complain about the lack of parking in the vicinity.
''The batmobile's glove box is already full of parking tickets,'' said the hairy one - but I assured him that these days nobody bothered to enforce parking regulation on Sundays unless there was something in it for the grasping council.
With the news that the penguin was not at the centre of the plot the great man was off on his travels.
Just as well he wasn't after the joker - as there's a few of those around here and some of them have positions of influence!

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