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MP asks for explanation over Longleat veterans' sacking

(November 24, 2010)
LOCAL MP Andrew Murrison has written to the Longleat Estate to request an explanation about the sacking of all of its veteran workers.
In an unheralded shake-up the estate, which is effectively under new management, has made some significant changes. All workers over the age of 65 have been given their cards while none under the age of 65 has been affected.
Our MP, Dr Andrew Murrison, has advised -
"I have written to Lord Bath to request an explanation since a number of my constituents living in the Warminster area will be affected by this.
"Although the estate's management has changed recently, I imagine that Lord Bath and Longleat still regard themselves as responsible, even benevolent, employers. I would draw their attention to companies like B&Q which has for many years made a point of employing more mature people. Its enlightenment has contributed positively to the bottom line.
"The coalition government has made it clear that ageism in the workplace is unacceptable and has taken legislative steps to remove it.''
Steve Dancey, who was chairman of the economic development and tourism committee at County Hall when he served as a county councillor, suggested people should not be too hasty.
''Longleat has been a benevolent force in the Warminster area for generations and we are fortunate to be blessed with such an establishment on our doorstep,'' he said.
''I would be interested in hearing the reasons why the estate felt it was necessary to take this action - I'm sure it isn't immune from the chill economic winds blowing through the economy at the present time.
''Having said this I hope those who have sometimes given a lifetime's service to the estate have their needs recognised, especially when it comes to keeping a roof over their heads.''

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