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Arctic shorts win postie Clare's stamp of approval - no contest

(December 20, 2010)
ENGLAND may have its chilliest December night on record this week with teeth-chattering temperatures according to weather forecasters but one local favourite is making 'shorts' work of it.
 Postie Clare Quick thinks nothing of completing her cycle postieround wearing her required reflective jacket but does not even show any goosebumps in her choice of winter uniform.
 "I find it more convenient to wear shorts," says Clare helping with her old round in Prestbury Drive. "Everyone says 'How do you do it?"
 "It's just one of those things. I suppose it is a different," she explained in the minus two temperatures.
 As the big freeze brought parts of the nation to a standstill and caused extensive disruption locally Clare is proud of the work that the local team of postmen and postwomen are doing.
 Visionforwarminster had been told that there was a competition going on to see which postie could wear shorts for the longest in a neighbouring town.
 "If it was a competition I would beat them hands down," chuckled Clare. "But no it is just me I suppose. I am more comfortable.
 "The only hard bit is pushing the bike through all this," joked Clare added pointing at the snow and slush.

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