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A town council at war with its own population

(January 15, 2011)
Shortly after 7pm on Monday an increasingly unpopular town council will told by their town clerk that the ''mega-loan' refurbishment of the Assembly Hall will not take place until the finance is place.
Warminster Town Council is now split along non-political lines as it wrestles with its self-made conflict with its townspeople.
Letters to the local press and contributions to local websites have made it abundantly clear that any spending on the building that currently needs a five-figure subsidy back the popular parish poll votelast year.
"I am awaiting the latest decisions of the town council which is shambling its way into 2011," says former councillor Paul Macdonald.
"I have had enough of this. We need a conference to agree a proper plan of action in the light of the current central government actions.
"So much is up in the air we need to be the first town in the country to say we know how localism works.
"We need to get everyone involved. The town council cannot continue pursuing its own agenda declared years ago in a completely different time when they could play at being major council.
"Too much has now changed over the last decade in Warminster."
The website is championing the Assembly Hall as the building block towards dealing with the issues that the increasingly elderly population is presenting the community.
"Now is the time to open the dialogue with Wiltshire Council to do much more with this site than a hot desk area but as a proper response to the ageing population issue.
"Everything from day care to health and community needs linked with other high value contributions to our social life for so many could be catered for here in one central spot.
"Does anyone else have the vision to see that the impetus to create council offices there is wrong when the unused town hall and Dewey House are more than adequate."

Steve Dancey, added: ''There seems to be an increasingly 'bunker' mentality at the Town Council - dangerous as stupid decisions can be made at such times.''

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