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Warminster Town Councillors miss the bus - again

(February 07, 2011)
OUR town council never ceases to amaze and appears to have missed the bus when it comes to the provision of bus shelters.
They have at least been able to boast one new shelter in West Parade with the help of 50 per cent matched funding grant from the county council.
Other parts of the town, seeing what can be done, are also asking for shelters but the town has it appears missed the bus as the county scheme ends on 1 April.
''Where have they been for the past four years,'' said Steve Dancey.
''Some of their town council colleagues around the county have managed to renew all of their shelters over the past five years thanks to the help of the matched funding.
''In Tidworth, for example, this was achieved about two years ago thanks to hard work on the part of a couple of town councillors.''
This failure, yet again, by Warminster shows the need for our suggestion that individual councillors have portfolios which have running policies which they try to take forward.
Now it seems the only hope for the shelters will be through the area boards, but if money is taken from the board's limited resources it may mean that some other project with be starved of funding.
One request for shelters has come from the Army but some may feel that with the millions available via the massive Project Allenby that Aspire Defence could run to a couple of shelters, or at least make a worthwhile contribution.
Most soldiers and wives these days have cars and it is our old-folk who use the buses and must have priority.
We have raised this issue before ....
"At a meeting in the council chamber many, many months ago prior to my discussions about our hoped for major improvements to Queensway play area the town clerk asked me for my next priority," says Paul Macdonald.
"I immediately replied bus shelters for the figure of eight route around the town."

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