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Persimmon promises but doesn't deliver

(February 18, 2011)
MOST people in Warminster who heard  Persimmon Homes boast that they will build 10,000 homes in 400 prime locations are outraged as another challenge to their promises emerges.
'Shop local' we are told - but where is the shop promised by Persimmon?
"A new question that councillors have to put to their officers and Persimmon Homes is where is the local shop the locals believe they promised," claims Paul Macdonald
"We were all convinced that their support to the local school, a road safety scheme, play areas, and a safe balancing pond would be met."
By putting bulldozers on standby for Albion House in Warminster they have now to answer to an explosion of public outcry that started with a community campaigner and has now grabbed the attention of the local MP.
"The more I look into this to support the work of Councillor Pip Ridout and former Councillors May Law and John Syme the more revealing it becomes,"says Paul Macdonald.
"In my experience local authorities did good work in crossing the 't's and dotting the 'i' about the approvals they gave but why is so much anger being caused?"
Persimmon Homes actions have seen the town council receive a letter from MP Andrew Murrison stating that he has written to the developer.
Warminster Town Council did their duty and at a planning meeting in Trowbridge vfw co-author Paul Macdonald won council support to refuse the demolition of the farmhouse.
"I was so pleased to be asked to speak by the local Councillor," says Paul.
"I spoke alongside Richard Haes of the Civic Trust and former councillor Tony Jackson and my view of the street scene on all our approaches to the town won.
"I will remind the MP about his government 'soundbite words big society' which are not working in our town."

Steve Dancey added: ''Residents and potential buyers all asked about the 'Don't Buy here' protest when I was at the site on Thursday afternoon and many tooted their support.

''One retired woman walking past told me that she once worked for this company which was so cavalier in its attitude that one house in Westbury was built across a right of way.

''It led to a crazy situation where ramblers had to be allowed through the house that straddled the footpath and made national television about 15 years ago.''

A former councillor heard the pledge to provide a shop and reveals that the location was agreed.


"Persimmon did promise a shop at a housing conference," says May Law.


"A chap from Persimmon even said that it was going to be where the filling station was and that it was going to be built when the ground was no longer contaminated."

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