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Having a spring clear-out?

(March 09, 2011)
A simple minute taken in a busy life has led to £37.70 being raised to help the work of the British Heart Foundation and a gift aid commitment by the government being honoured.
'Your making a difference' is the message that local resident Paul Macdonald received from the charity after signing up to a 'giftaid it' card at the Market Place charity shop.
The member of staff promised to let him as the giver of a box of small pieces of ornaments that had been gathering dust after the passing of his father from a heart attack know how much it had raised for their work.
Today the letter arrived. 'Your donations and the tax we can reclaim from the Government will make a big difference - and help us fight against heart disease.'
"I was really pleased to receive the letter as for a long time I had been sentimental about the pieces," explained Paul.
"It means I will remember to gift aid again my contributions towards this charity and look forward to their e-mail in future) and the town hall when the time comes."
'PS - Having a spring clearout write BHF? Donate unwanted items to your local shop and help save lives. Visit to find your nearest shop or call 0844 412 5000 to arrange larger collections.

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