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Threatened farmhouse saved

(March 30, 2011)
IT now appears that Albion House, the threatened farmhouse on Victoria Road, has been saved from immediate destruction following VFW's 'don't buy here; campaign and intervention by MP Andrew Murrison.
 Albion House, which developers Persimmon had gone to particularsappeal to gain permission to demolish and replace with three houses,  is now on the market with estate agents Davis and Latcham for just under 250k.
The four bedroom property comes with permission for a double garage although some of land will be used to build a new property.
We have now suspended our 'dont buy here' campaign and welcome the apparent change of heart by Persimmon.
''I'm very pleased to hear the news that the farmhouse has been put on the market and will now not face demolition," said campaigner Steve Dancey, who stood outside the farmhouse on six occasions in recent weeks with a 'don't buy here' sign.
''It is good that a big company can be flexible enough to take note of overwhelming public opinion, the view of the local MP and what is right and proper.
''During my hours spent at the roadside I received dozens of encouraging honks and thumbs-up from passing motorists and didn't speak to a single person who was in sympathy with the company.
''I would like to thank Andrew Murrison publicly for his assistance in taking the trouble to write to the company about this issue as he may well have tipped the balance in our favour.''
"What really pleases me is that as soon as it was put on the market I am told today that prospective buyers were spotted this week being shown around by our local estate agents Davis and Latcham," adds Paul Macdonald.
"It is now a 'Do Buy Here' campaign!"
MP's reaction
“I am delighted at this positive outcome and congratulate those in the town who have worked hard to achieve it. I would also like to thank Persimmon for listening to sentiment within the community which I think took the developer by surprise.''

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