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Assembly Rooms: farce turns to fiasco

(June 01, 2011)
JUST as it was thought that the town council's financial plight couldn't get any worse it now appears (according to warminster Web) that additional money will need to be found to deal with the cost of asbestos found at the Assembly Hall.
The hall project will ultimately cost the tax payers of Warminster two million pounds or more when the annual running costs, capital costs, interest on loans, unforeseen costs etc are taken into account and totted up.
Even with some creative accounting on the part of the council (by charging itself to use the premises) the whole project is an unwanted fiasco.
Add this nonsense to the 1.7 million cost of the town centre pavement widening and you begin to see the appalling truth about what is taking place in the town.
''I'm sure most people can't wait until the next set of elections so they can send this unrepresentative council a raspberry and start afresh,'' said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
''My only worry is that those who have been in power for six years by the time of the 2013 elections will have left such a mess that it will take many years to retrieve the position and for common sense to prevail."

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