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Shussshhh!!!!! town council books are open for inspection until 22 July

(July 11, 2011)
EACH year local authorities are duty bound to throw open their books for inspection by taxpayers for a few days before they are officially audited.
But they don't like doing it and certainly don't broadcast the fact.
We have now entered that period in Warminster - it ends on 22 July.
If you want to check exactly where our money is being spent then visit Dewey House and ask to see 'bills for payment' - it is a real eyeopener if you know what you are looking for.
You will also find the global payroll figure each month - and we will be asking Mazars, the auditors a particular question on this where it is believed the council may be in error..
News that the council is opening its books should of course be trumpeted on the councils website but it isn't - nor is it in its Pravda-style propaganda sheet Engage!
But we've let the cat out of the back - so go in ask a few questions and make them squirm.
After the way they have behaved in the past two years they deserve it.

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