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Time for the two-hatted duo to quit?

(August 06, 2011)
FEARS that the ill-fortunes of Warminster are being made worse by those most locally charged by their residents to look after their interests have risen to the surface again.
In a letter to the Warminster Journal the usually quiet spoken octogenarian Alan Shepherd is 'assuming that no councillors resign on the grounds of conscience' has nowset the clock running
It shows that 637 days are now numbered until their extra two years 'comfort zone' runs out and is appealing for public support for a vantage point.
"I have never seen an ordinary member of our community so perfectly put the crisis that faces Warminster in the 250 words that the local paper allows in its letters column," says former town councillor Paul Macdonald.
"The 'despair for Town's Future' as the heading to his letter observed was so close to the truth that the question now arises how do we hold a vote of confidence in Warminster Town Council?"
This town council is now widely held in contempt by many of their former members but not on political grounds. Many former councillors of all political persuasions have expressed objections time after time about their decisions.
"We are waiting for the resignation notice of Cllr. Steve Wheeler (Con- Warminster-East) to spark a local election," observes Paul. "We need a referendum on this council which sits in its comfort zone after it should have sought a vote this year."
"If we have to go to the polls then as this Warminster correspondent has challenged so I suggest the Warminster East councillors to resign at the same time.
"If the cost will be the same for all six then they can get a public verdict on their four years of rule or mis-rule. If they lose then the West ward members should do the same!"
Two east ward members are also influential Wiltshire Council members who could not be relied on to support one of their more experienced town council party members on the town council.
"Chris March was forced to go and sit on the public benches at the crucial Town Hall meeting twenty four hours before  the possible auction of that challenge to the town council," says Paul.
"The two hats issue only applies when he is campaigning against the wishes of the ruling clique.
"Shame on you Cllr. Humphires and Davis. You can wear two hats with impunity. Which interest did you support when the car parking charges were being imposed?
"Which two hats did you wear when Wiltshire Council waded in with a offer to support the Ass Hall project.
"I now publicly challenge you to examine your consciences and resign from either the town council for which people give their time freely," challenges Paul. "Or the expenses backed Wiltshire Council."
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