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Fruit and veg shop opens for business

(August 07, 2011)
DAY fresh produce sold in a way that people want is how Warminster's newest retailer hopes to win green3against supermarket competition.
Mike Stock opening his greengrocery shop on Thursday and says trading has already exceeded his expectations.
Mr Stock, aged 45 and from Wincanton, has more than 20 years' experience in the greengrocery trade and knows Warminster well.
''I used to be an area manager with Stokes about 12 years ago,'' he said.
''We aim to supply a lot of local produce. Much of it comes from the Bristol Fruit Market which is supplied by many of the growers from Somerset and Wiltshire.
''They pick it one day and we can have it on the shelves the next day - freshness is what people are looking for.
''A lot of supermarket produce is pre-packed and chilled but a lot of fruit does not like to be chilled and keeping it at an ambient temperature gives a fuller flavour.''
In opening his store in the Three Horseshoes Mall Mr Stock has provided five jobs but says he could have filled them many times over such was the interest from green2the town's unemployed.
All he did was put a note advertising the posts on the shop door.
VFW's Steve Dancey, who was a regular shopper at Stokes, said: ''I wish Mr Stock good luck as we certainly needed something like his store.
''Not everyone wants to shop in a supermarket and I also get fed up with things that are either unripe or go off in a couple of days.
''Is this down to the 'chilling' of the produce - or the fact it has been trundled around the country in lorries for several days?''

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