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TOWN COUNCILLORS: Letwin tells you to take notice of town referendums

(September 25, 2011)
BIG Society and localism are both part of David Cameron's big idea and this week they have been endorsed in the Blackmore Vale magazine by former shadow chancellor and West Dorset MP Oliver Letwin.
The trouble is that while many aspects of the idea are welcome local Tories don't trust the electorate or value its views - certainly not in Warminster anyway.
This passage from Mr Letwin, spells out what communities can expect from the localism regime when plans are being made by town and parish councils.
'plans will govern what kinds of things can be built in each neighbourhood, subject to approval in a referendum by local people.' Page 38.
''Isn't it a shame that the local Tories on Warminster Town Council don't practise what their political betters preach,'' said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
''We had a local referendum, albeit one which the county authorities tried to strangle by giving us no time to alert people, but nonetheless more than 550 people did give their view.
''And 92 per cent rejected the move to the Assembly Rooms. I am a total democrat and would have accepted that but cllr Nicklin and crew didn't - even though he expressly said that he would at a public meeting (LISTEN HERE).
''I think they stink. I'm certainly not going to contest the upcoming by-election as I couldn't bring myself to sit in a chamber with such a bunch of people.
''As for their so-called town plan which has 38 responses,  cost well over 50k and is nothing more then a supplementary planning guide -- Well what a bunch of amateurs.''
We don't need a plan we need a town centre regeneration programme funded by EU money.

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