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Paul to stand in town byelection

(October 21, 2011)
TOWN Hall campaigner Paul Macdonald has been nominated by residents in Warminster, his consent to stand on their behalf has been witnessed by another resident as their Independent Candidate, and the deputy returning officer at Wiltshire Council has accepted it as valid.
In what must have been one of the quickest deliveries to the doors opening for candidates to come forward for a parish level council by-election Paul submitted the paper work to council offices at Chippenham within hours of them opening for business on the first day available.
"I am thankful to Alan Shephard and Gerald Francis for once again asking me to take the chance to represent our electorate," says Paul. "I would also like to thank Nicki Marshall for witnessing my consent to their nomination."
The town council by-election, surprisingly the first at Warminster Town Council since 2007, was caused by the long-drawn out and 'talk of the town' resignation of Conservative Steve Wheeler.
"I have shown my enthusiasm straight away for taking on this role but will not start campaigning until nominations close at noon next Friday out of respect to others that may have the same enthusiasm," adds Paul.
"Sadly Steve Wheeler was the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. I hope we as a town can put that episode behind us and move forward positively now.
"This is a daunting task as the ward covers the old one-half for the town which includes our electors from the army quarters to the boundary with Bishopstrow to the Portway and the other side of the town park to the by-pass as well.
"I am not too proud to say that as an Independent I will need help from us ordinary folk," says Paul who is co-author of which launched the town hall campaign. 
"This is another parish poll without polling cards but this time electors will get much more time and information to consider than the chance we got to promote our referendum with the parish poll about the Assembly Hall!
"I am looking forward to it win or lose."

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