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Paul Macdonald takes local issues to MP'

(October 29, 2011)
A community campaigner feels encouraged after attending a 'doctor's' surgery on Friday afternoon asking for help with three major as yet unresolved complaints that need diagnosis and that in well reported cases have caused death and major trauma to others

"I met our MP Dr Andrew Murrison and once again raised the question of the decades long loss of life and serious injury on the A36 near Warminster," says Paul Macdonald.


"Despite a government of the southwest report just over five years ago demanding  that the improvement between Heytesbury and Codford go-ahead nothing has happened.

"I explained that the major problem to launching a public campaign is that there is a very small population that can be activated to demand this and that most of those affected are those passing through who suffer at the hands of those who stop this scheme.

"But last year once again a local could have lost his life, and since asking to attend his surgery four weeks ago,  there have been three more accidents."


The MP had a good understanding of the issue and talked about a meeting at Upton Lovell where the ministry official said that it did not meet the 'criteria'.

"How can it be that the government report that recommended the improvement not just on safety terms which said this was threefold worse but also added in financial terms in the A36-A46 corridor report that it would be positive has changed?" Paul said was the question that he wanted Andrew to ask.

One of the first questions Dr. Murrison asked after being elected as MP was prompted by Paul who at the time was a 'local journalist ' despairing at reporting at the number of tragic accidents on the A36.
The MP said that he tried to keep the unused A350 WEstbury by-pass money in the constituency but it went to a rail scheme in Gloucestershire.
Paul also asked the MP for SW Wiltshire at his modern suite at the White Horse Business Park to establish the level of youth employment in Warminster and look into the law that prohibits the naming of young offenders.

"I told him we need to know who those current older teenagers are that are causing problems in our local communities in and around  Warminster that are protected by an outdated 1933 law," adds Paul.

"Criminality is smarter at an earlier age and sometimes exploited by those that are older which needs report in our Warminster Journal and Wiltshire Times naming and shaming them."

(Section 39 of the Children and Young Persons Act 1933 prohibits publication of the names of those 18 and under involved in legal proceeding, other than in exceptional circumstances)

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