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The Incredibles' new home

(December 10, 2011)
Welcome to Tirana Hall
Inspired by Albania
WHEN news first broke that the town council was preparing to move from Dewey House to a property next to a supermarket car park in a edge of town centre location many thought they were crazy.
Many more thought the same when the cost of the scheme was winkled out of the Incredibles. incredibles
Even though a public vote showed 92 per cent against their plan, incredibly they carried on after undertaking an EU style consultation exercise.
BUT few would have bargained for what a prize pig ugly building we would have been landed with.
"It is worse than I ever imagined possible," said former county councillor Steve Dancey.
"Just image holding a civic do in this monster?
"What would civic visitors from places like Corsham and Malmesbury - or even Westbury (now housed in the Laverton) think when presented with this building.
"What will they think when they see the Town Hall left derelict? They would think we had a dreadful uncaring town council that has totally lost the plot.
"This building is clearly inspired by Albania design and would be worthy of Tirana in the time of Hodxa or perhaps some obscure Chinese outpost close the the Sino-Soviet border.
"It is an embarrassment, a disgrace and does nothing to uplift Warminster and yet we will be paying for it for years to come.
"A complete and utter fiasco."

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