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April 21 is Democracy Day in Warminster

(December 15, 2011)
WARMINSTER will have its own 'Democracy Day' next year as its local councils face their worst 'lack of confidence' in living memory among town residents.
"There is now a clear division between the agenda that Wiltshire Council and Warminster Town Council are working on together and the aspirations for our town that are expressed to me," claims the proposer of a new 'Community Association'.
"I therefore, having been inspired by others, will add Thursday 21st April next year as our 'Democracy Day' to our agenda and I give plenty of notice,"
says Paul.
"This will be on the anniversary of the first ever Warminster parish poll about the massive expenditure on the Assembly Rooms that saw the local councils combine to work together to try first to undermine the referendum and then ignore the overwhelming decision."
Warminster is a deeply concerned community after town councillors ignored the wishes of townsfold in a town referendum - the parish poll.
Paul Macdonald was an Independent Candidate in November for a by-election of the town council. Paul lost more narrowly than was expected against the the Tory candidate.
"I had published in my low-cost election leaflet that I had my first 'Notice of Motion' ready if elected," adds Paul."I will now ask the successful candidate to present it to the first full Council meeting in January," says Paul.
"This time it will be about car parking charges which this week is making national headlines as being key to reviving our town centres.
"Wiltshire Council has a lot to answer for. We need to rally the town councillors again especially those who have divided loyalties sitting on both councils.
"Let's win on this one for our local economy together and then we can take the next step forward!"

Steve Dancey added: "Our local councils in Wiltshire are totally out of step with what is required and they should look for a sensible approach to neighboring Test Valley Borough, which looks after Andover and Romsey.

"Last year Test Valley froze all parking charges and from April will be reducing shoppers two hour parking by 10 per cent - and they are a true blue Tory council."

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