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By-election expected on 29 March

(February 11, 2012)
VOTERS in the Western half of Warminster are expected to be able to vote in a town council by-election on 29 March.
Whoever wins, if it is contested, will earn the right to sit on the council at its Tirana Hall HQ until April 2013 when the council dissolves and a full election will be held.
"For many people in the town 2013 can't come soon enough," said Steve Dancey, who has won this seat in the past.
So far the only hat to have been thrown into the ring has been that of George Jolley who will be standing for the Conservatives - even though he has objected to many of the council's policies in the past.
However with 10 people having taken the trouble to write requesting a vote it must be likely that another candidate will come forward by the 2 March deadline.

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