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Two hours a week isn't enough says John Syme - we agree

(February 12, 2012)
THE amount of time and effort put in by our individual town councillors is being questioned in the local newspaper, The Warminster Journal.
Warminster Town Councillor Tony Field chairs the publicity committee of the town council and is being challenged by a former councillor to explain his  annual effort in a letter to the paper.
'I say to Mr. Field that is just not enough,' writes former councillor John Syme. 'How can he justify his inclusion on the town council if all he gives is (about) four days a year.' (2 hours a week)
One hundred hours is at dispute as the annual commitment by town councillors.
The town council have twelve elected members when at full strength. If each of them just give this commitment then their new headquarters project would be better left to others says another former councillor.
"John, who I have not always seen eye to eye in the past makes a good point and on this I will agree," says Paul Macdonald.
"The true test of a town councillor is not how many hours they can spend attending a council meeting. But how many they are out and about listening to the ideas and aspirations of their constituents."
"Another true test is carrying their ideas forward. No one wanted their Ass Hall project," says Paul. "This smacks of tardiness'"
The town council have moved into the assembly rooms at a million pound refurbishment cost but are still a parish level council which abandoned Dewey House which was cheap to run.
"Cllr Field as the the town council PR chief did not listen to the historic parish poll which rejected this move," adds Paul. "Is he up to the job at just two hours each week?"
"He needs to get into gear quickly and try harder to spin their way out of trouble and justify the 'Tirana Hall' expense relying on his two hours of his attention each week!"
The letter to the Warminster Journal by former Cllr. John Syme concludes ' I know many people who volunteer their time free of charge, but the difference between them and some councillors is that they give away many hours, whereas a few councillors give only two hours per week.
" John says 'Not good enough' and I agree and will continue to spend more than two hours a week on behalf of our town even though I am unelected," adds Paul.

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