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Waitrose Warminster - great shop but small car park

(March 28, 2012)
VISION for Warminster was given a sneak preview of Warminster's exciting new store on Wednesday evening and can give it the thumbs up - but the car park is too small and some congestion can be expected during the first week.
Steve Dancey, who was a guest of the Waitrose partners at an in store reception, said: "I expected to be favourably impressed with the store and it lived up to my expectations.
"It is the only supermarket I would have welcomed and I'm very pleased that such a prestigious organisation such as the John Lewis Partnership has effectively given my home town a vote of confidence.
"Those 100 plus people who have been good enough to gain employment here are extremely fortunate as they will be well looked after.
"I've no doubt that it will be an asset to the town and will draw in significant custom from a wide area, a fact that will benefit some other businesses in the town centre."
One area where there could be a problem is the car park which appears rather small and, we understand, partners (workers) have been told they can't use it to park unless they are shopping.
Steve Dancey added: "There will inevitably be a period of severe congestion as traffic flows settle down over the first weeks.
"However the fact that the car park is too small could in fact be of benefit to the town as some shoppers will be diverted into using town centre parking and may be more likely to use our remaining high street shops.
"The store has its own cafe and a particularly fine wines and spirits section.
"We were all given a doggy bag on exiting the reception and I'm particularly keen on sampling the lemon curd gift.
"One particularly good result  of this is that we will at last be able to guarantee the availability of a wide range of quality fresh food, seven days a week until 9pm at night."
Something those of us who work in the private sector (ie work long hours) will appreciate.

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