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Core Strategy - more like Cor blimey strategy, says Paul Macdonald

(July 14, 2012)
Over 300 sixth form students in Warminster will have to battle their way through their studies in very cramped conditions while the county council that should be battling on their behalf has agreed to add to that pressure.
  Wiltshire Council is currently praising itself on adding the prospect of more than new 900 homes on the Frome side of Warminster in their 'cor blimey' strategy to satisfy government demands.

   "I was at the core strategy consultation at the assembly hall several years ago, " says former councillor Paul Macdonald. " It was so shallow. ''Cor Blimey' I thought as post-it notes were used for us to express our views!"

  The result of those WC events, which has been much delayed as the coalition election caused confusion and indecision, will see several thousand new residents in a 'dormitory' area of the town of Warminster.
  "Frome and Westbury have accepted the role of dormitory towns to places like Bath, Bristol and Trowbridge where large numbers of their residents live in the town but happily work elsewhere.
 "The crucial difference is the precedent and impact on the setting of Warminster by building out towards Longleat, Cley Hill and Salisbury Plain," claims Paul. "Once again the unitary authority has failed to deliver decision making professionally to the lowest practicable level. Our town.
  "Do we want yet more households as history has proved so often coming here in hope of working in Warminster and then being unemployed adding to local burdens."
  Kingdown school has for many years had the one of the highest 'numbers on roll' in Wiltshire and since become a 'community' school .
  It applied for funding which was turned down for a new building within its current school for a proper sixth-form area. The students already suffer under the handicap of cramped conditions.
  "Nine hundred new homes as part of nearly two thousand that our town is supposed to add to the already heavy pressure on health, social and emergency services now demands a complete re-appraisal," says Paul.
  "And apart from Kingdown where will the infants and juniors from those households get their education?" asks Paul who was former chairman of Princecroft School governors.
"Decades of developers have promised much but not delivered.
  "We put a huge amount of work in the eighties and nineties into protecting the environment and setting of Warminster, balancing the imbalance between housing and jobs which gave our town the highest unemployment rate in the county, and building respect for local government.
  "My final comment is that the LibDems and Tories with their Localism Bill and the area board of Wiltshire Council are a waste of time!"

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