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Hot Snippets of Hillside, Ridgeway Court, Poll Cards Prompt

(October 19, 2012)

Boreham Hillside Activity

 The financial pursestrings have finally been loosened allowing work to begin on demolishing a former council property that has served several purposes most lately as a hostel for the homeless. Hillside in Boreham Road also housed those on the former district council waiting list in mobile homes during the Thatcher years and it had its own small play area.

 Planning permission was granted several years ago for social housing but the election of the coalition government with its austerity programme threw a spanner in the works. It has now been removed and the demolition gangs have moved in. It was identified in the  visionforwarminster core document for a social housing area in 2008.

Carson's Yard v Ridgeway Court Dispute

 Ridgeway Court residents are now awaiting a decision on their objections to a wall being demolished that would link them with Carsons Yard from planners. An appeal led to the building of flats the other side of the wall but it denied this option. Highways officers have again objected to this. A local resident was hoping that this would be discussed in public at Trowbridge on 24th October but it has not appeared on the agend. Cllr. Andrew Davis used his official form to have it called in keeping his promise.

Polling cards beat candidate to the post

 Today, Friday 19th, polling cards for the Police and Crime Commissioner elections dropped through the BA12 area as a candidate from Warminster was delivering his eleventh hour paperwork to the returning officer from his chosen political party. The Police and Crime Commissioner elections will now go-ahead with LibDem candidate Paul Batchelor now backed by the party most reluctant to take part.

 Nominations closed at 12 noon and town shopkeeper Cllr. Paul Batchelor joined five others in successfully delivering their paperwork in time. He joins Conservative Angus MacPherson,  Labour Clare Moody, UKIP John Short and Independents Liam Silcocks and Colin Skelton on the ballot paper.

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