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No Thanks to 'Greed Not Need'

(November 10, 2012)

 The 'greed not need' battle lines are clearly being drawn between a  land developer who is fighting a rearguard action with council planners and now local people called into action again for the third time in 30 years.

 Agriculture land at Home Farm in Bishopstrow now known in planning parlance as 'Land east of The Dene' is being promoted as suitable for 320 houses.

 Wiltshire Council in its Core Strategy submission to the government, and local MP Andrew Murrison, have rejected the idea (see hot topics 3rd, 6th and 7th November).

 'East Boreham Residents Action Group (EBRAG) is now well established and is in contact with a huge number of professional organisations, press and public figures including our local MP, Dr. Andrew Murrison, who has very publicly stated his total opposition to this speculative proposal and has put his entire weight behind the campaign,' Nick Parker stated in a message this week.

'Everyone's opinion remains that the proposed residential development of Home Farm will have a major impact on the infrastructure and daily lives of all who live in Warminster.

 'It will only benefit the land owners. 'Greed not Need' is an apt slogan.

 'The sub groups of the 150 strong EBRAG continue to beaver away collating information and making contact with professional organisations.'

 The campaigners intend to build their case ready for their day at the examination in public into the Wiltshire Core Strategy led by a government appointed planning inspector as early as next month.

 'We require expert help,' added Mr. Parker. 'Those from a planning background particularly with legal training and environmentalists and archaeologists," added Mr. Parker.

 EBRAG plan to hold another public meeting before Christmas.

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