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Independent is the Way Forward

(February 28, 2013)
 The LibDem party's most senior figure in Warminster is to dump their political party label in May after unsuccessfully representing them at the police commissioner elections last year.
 "After many weeks of deliberation I have decided that I will fight the May 2013 local elections as an Independent," says town councillor Paul Batchelor.
 "This does not mean I have changed my values away from those of the LibDems, rather than I can better represent the people of Warminster without pressure to vote a party line.
 "For the past six years as the only LibDem I have been in all but name an independent on the town council.
 "As many people know I choose to be a councillor to represent the views and aspirations of those who elect me and to act in the best interests of the town as a whole."
 On Thursday May 2nd elections will be held for both the town and county councils.
 "If elected to the County Council in May I will be in a better position to vote for policies that the electorate of Warminster tell me are of concern to them," says Paul
 "I suspect that some of the current County members have supported policies in Trowbridge which have been to the detriment of our fragile town economy such as removing Free Parking from market towns."

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