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Positive Attitude To Warminster

(April 03, 2013)

WDP Letter 23 03 13001

Letters to the Papers

  So how many of us have written to the newspapers as we watch what is going on with growing concern.

  A handful? A baker's dozen? A score? A few score and ten?

  The answer is hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds over the the years that local government has become more and more remote from the community it serves.

  Why? Would you like to ask that question?

 Should local government be local in more ways that simply staging 'consultations. often with minimal public participation?

  Or should local councils have local people who are in touch with local people on a daily basis as their councillors or continue to be chosen based on the colour of the rosette they wear?

 Do you think that really local councillors would have ignored the first ever parish poll held in Warminster that rejected the 'megloan' spending on the 'Tirana Hall' as the assembly hall is now regarded?

  What pricks your conscience about the impressive attendance at the open days at the town hall that show that you really care about civic pride and the future of that keystone to the positive future that should be created for Warminster? was launched with a positive attitude. Would you like to take a positive attitude to councillors in the future?



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