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Steve Dancey with a few thoughts on the 2 May vote

(May 03, 2013)

THE elections results in Warminster are excellent news for all those who believe in democracy, openness and transparancy.

Sadly Paul fell a few votes short of capturing a seat on Wiltshire Council but the town council results were stunning.

With the wish of the electorate clear for everyone to see, and without the influence of former councillor Nicklin, the new council could make progress and repair some of the damage caused by the 'worst council in living memory'.

What is very clear is that the Independents have topped the poll and that those who foisted the Assembly Rooms project on an unwilling town have been given their marching orders eg Burden, Nicklin or like Keith Humphries, have been rewarded by a very low vote even though they are members of the all-powerful Wil;tshire cabinet.

If only we had fielded a few more candidate we could have achieved so much more!


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