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MP backs community bid for Town Hall

(June 04, 2013)

THERE was some good news on the Town Hall last week from an unexpected quarter - our local MP Dr. Murrison.

For years we have been used to most members of the establishment knocking any positive proposals for the Town Hall in Warminster.

However, with the removal of the biggest negative force on the Town Council it seems possible for people to come out and speak their mind.

At the Civic Trust AGM in the Assembly Hall Dr M said the revival and public use of the Town Hall would be 'the cherry on the cake of the town centre'.

You can't get much of a bigger endorsement than that as well as being MP Dr M is also the patron of the Civic Trust.

Warminster Preservation Trust director Cllr Steve Dancey, said: "I'm pleased that the MP has made his views known and hope that some more open-minded members of his party locally might be prepared to take a fresh look at any new proposals that may come forward."

Newly elected Independent town councillor Paul Macdonald added: "This was top of our demands in our intention to restore Civic Pride to our town.

"I feel the town council can now free itself of the old prejudices and adopt a can do attitude with these words of the MP echoing in our ears."

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