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School Caned by Ofsted

(June 06, 2013)

  The Avenue School has slumped from good to the lowest grade of inadequate in an Ofsted report published today.

  The primary school, which with over 300 on their role call, has a higher number of pupils than most in the county. It has failed to keep up its standards since the last inspection in 2010.

  Since then a new headmaster arrived in 2011. He was joined by other new staff in the months that followed.

  In three areas the Warminster school came bottom of the class including criticism of its leadership and management.

  Four Ofsted inspectors spent two days at the school at a time when it had an acting chair of the governors whose board also drew negative words

 Special Measures

  There were two areas where the foundation school, which also is home to a special educational unit, got a favourable report but overall it was classified as inadequate.

  It has now been put into special measures and told that it cannot employ newly qualified teachers in the meantime to take lessons for the children who are aged between three and eleven.

  "I was worried about what would happen to some of local schools after the government announced more stringent rules for Ofsted inspections last October," comments Paul Macdonald.

  "Then it was reported that as many as five times more schools would fail their Ofsteds as a result.

 "I was contacted first thing this morning about this but as a town councillor I have no say in the running of schools unless I volunteer to serve on a board of governors.

  "The town council no longer have a duty to nominate a councillor,"

  "I would say that I was aware that unhappy parents were withdrawing their chlidren.

  "Let us hope that this is a wake-up call to other schools that the government action may need them to read this report closely and take a fresh look at what they are doing."


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