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Home Farm Home Truths

(July 10, 2013)

  The Warminster campaigners battling the desire of housing developers looking down on all the green open spaces within or without the current planning boundary of the town are going to witness an important moment tomorrow.

 The East Boreham Residents Action Group (EBRAG) today sent a wake-up call to the the next key moment in the campaign to back up the county council vioew that Home Farm in Bishopstrow is off limits as unsustainable for housing development of 320 homes.
  'Just to remind you that the Wiltshire Council Core Strategy for sustainable residential development in Warminster until 2026 is due to be examined tomorrow by the Planning Inspector in Trowbridge Civic centre. The examination is due to start at 0930 hrs. I have attached an outline of the agenda below to give all a taste of the proceedings during the day,' writes EBRAG committee member Nick Parker.
 'EBRAG have represented concerns to the Planning Inspector, in writing, about the soundness of the Sustainability  Assessment, conducted by Wiltshire Council, for development of Home Farm land. EBRAG views will be taken into consideration during any review.
  EBRAG will not therefore be representing these views again verbally tomorrow, but committee members will be present to monitor the arguments put forward against the Wiltshire Core Strategy.'
  The message goes on to say that the main objectors to the core strategy propoosals are agents, acting on behalf of the developers and land owners.
  ''They will argue that West Warminster Urban Extension cannot be completed early enough and therefore other land should be developed to compensate. 
  'The numbers of houses proposed for Warminster and town boundry development limits could also be contested.
   'The results of the examination with the findings and judgement of the Inspector should be known in the Autumn - exact date to be confirmed.
  'EBRAG committee will continue to keep you updated.'

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