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Core Strategy changes likely to water down protection of the River Wylye - WHY?

(August 31, 2013)

PLANNERS are seemingly trying to water down the protection of the River Wylye near Warminster in last minute changes to the 'Core Strategy'.

Public comments on latest changes to the document need to be made by 9 October.

Locally, in the section on Warminster, the need to protect the River Wylye appears to have been struck out and replaced by a more vague statement about the River Avon - which of course is many miles to the east (or north depending on which one the County Hall mutton-heads mean!!!)

The document going through the due process is THE vital planning yardstick against which all planning applications will be measured for conformity. The previous town council said nothing about it when the first draft was produced - preferring to mess around with its onw crazy town plan which counts for almost nothing (although it cost £50,000)

Steve Dancey, said: "We are going to scrutinise in detail the proposed changes and will provide a form of words (written in local goverment planning-speak) which people may wish to use to object to this change.

"The four independent councillors will be looking at this issue in detail over the coming week.

"However, although I am naturally suspicious, I hope this amendment has been made for a good reason and isn't simply a ruse to ease greater development in parts of the town close to the river which we must fight to protect for future generations.

"If it a ruse is people will be asking how it has come about."."

 Below is a section from page 168 of the core strategy revision document. Instead of protecting the River Wylye it talks about 'appropriate measures' - this means allowing development provided it is accompanying with some fig-leaf of mitigating action (perhaps even a fat cat  inducement for the council by way of a section 106 bribe).


development in the vicinity of the River

AvonAvon Wylye (HampshireIn the River Avon


Special Area of Conservation)

or Salisbury Plain must protect incorporate appropriate


measures to ensure that it will not adversely affectthe habitats, species and processes


which maintain

the integrity of thoese Special Areas of ConservationNatura 2000 sites




People in Wiltshire are being given the chance to have their say on changes to a strategy which is designed to make sure that their communities are developed in an appropriate way in the future.

Following the Examination in Public of the Wiltshire Core Strategy,which concluded 18 July 2013, changes to the document are being consulted on before the independent government inspector assesses them and completes his report.
The inspector has also requested the council invites comments on the implications that the recent ministerial statements relating to wind farm development and planning practice guidance for renewable and low carbon energy may have on the core strategy.

The consultation will run for six weeks from 27 August 2013 to 9 October 2013 and full details can be found on the  Wiltshire Core Strategy Examination page on the council’s website, council offices and libraries.

Cabinet member for strategic planning, Toby Sturgis, said: "The Wiltshire Core Strategy is a vital document which will shape communities and ensure they grow in an appropriate and managed way. The inspector has examined the strategy in public and as the document has evolved during this examination, we have updated it to reflect the proposed changes.

"We would like to thank everyone who has commented on and helped shape the core strategy so far and now welcome people's views again on the matters being raised through this latest consultation"

To comment, people should visit: Ends

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