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Hot snippets - Town Hall - Bronze Statue

(November 19, 2013)
 Town Hall
Warminster town councilllor Paul Macdonald has unanimously won the support from town councillors to back efforts to bring local community use to the Town Hall. The town council is now pledged to back the moves to the building donated by the Lord Bath who gave it as a donation which was subsequently sold by a council and acquired by developers.
The restoration project that has brought a great public response which is stalled.
"I was pleased to have seen the fresh support from the town Council after years of should we should!" said Cllr. Macdonald.
Bronze Statue
Cost concerned councillors in Warminster are going to look again at their plans for the World War One after town councillor Paul Macdonald told them this was a once in a one hundred year' decisions.
"Are we going to leave this another hundred years? I will not be here but I want something to be done!"
Cllr. Paul Macdonald was challenging the town council to reconsider the recommendation of a working group to refuse the idea that a bronze statute should be placed in the town of a 1914's soldier with his horse.
"This starts next year and lasts four yeas," said Cllr. Macdonaild. "I think councillor Steve Dancey's  idea really needs to be looked at aagin. We need to do something special as we are an army town!"

 Pravda Postscript

 The days of the 'Engage' leaflet and two page spread spread in the Warminster Journal have been brought to a halt as the result of Indpendent councillors Jamie Cullen and Stve Dancey representations to the Finance committee of Warminster Town Council.

The town council that ran for six years until May this year felt the need to have a communications committee which produced the 'Engage' publication which a government minister described as 'pravda'.

Warminster town council 'communications' agenda item for every committee. asking for subjects for press releasess.

"I have now spoken to the mayor about this and asked that this be withdrawn from the agendas," says Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"We have a press table at our meetings. There is a phrase that self-praise is no praise. I believe that should apply to the town council.

Let the press and public who attend our meetings spread the word."


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