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Hot Snippets - Market Place -

(February 03, 2014)

Throwing light on the Market Place

 The planning advisory committee of Warminster Town Council meet for just over twenty minutes last night and the only vote that divided them was the 'Co-operative Bank' proposal to illuminate their arrival in a way that is usually not accepted.

 "I was pleased that both councillor Davis and myself reminded the town council that we have always when consulted objected to internally lit 'Las Vegas' style advertising" said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

The Co-operative Bank will replace the former branch of the Halifax Building Society listed building opposite the town hall.

"It may seem a minor issue to some but we have to maintain the character of our town," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

Election Pledges

  The website in its 'You say- We say' has received a timely reminder about election pledges delivered through letterboxes.

 "I stand by those pledges," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald ."We all stood as Independents supporting a view that the town needed a new voice.

 "We now seem divided but I hope that Jamie will take a fresh look at the vision that he agreed to stand up  for and take it forward as an independent

 "The important approach is that employment land has to be the top of the agenda now.

 "I will continue asking them to support me on this."

Candles in the Wind!

Campaigners have already demonstrated their opposition to a plan by TV personality Kevin McCloud' to build on a water meadow  along side the River Wylye.

They are turning up at six on Saturday evening hoping to be joined by others with candles.

"I am constantly asked by the community to do something about this," said Paul.


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