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Fouling Parking and Planning 'outrage' Day

(February 25, 2014)

Scoop and Poop Left to Others

  The town of Warminster is seeing an increase in unpleasant dog excrements appearing on well-used footpaths and open areas.

 Wiltshire Council are the enforcement agency for this anti-social behaviour.

  In the past the town has seen campaigns that include free poop scoop bags and cans of spray issued to mark the potentially health threatening problem.

  Toxocaeria is a widely recognised threat particularly to children at play.

  "The question that needs to asked is if a litter dropper of a fag-end of a cigarette is fined £1,000 in another west country council area why is not being done more here," asks Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

  "Is it time that we no longer rely on the county council and find a way to do this locally?"

Estate Car Parking

  A series of requests received by a Warminster town councillor who as a resident spent years waiting for his campaigning for the painting of short lengths of yellow and white lines is underway again.

  "Parking has become such a problem in the some of the roads nearest to the town centre," says Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

  "Parking meters in the council run car parks has added to the lack highways attention to the day-to-day issues suffered by local residents.

  "My first response will be to see that the best use is made of space that is available in the streets and roads in my ward by the very cost-effective painting of white lines."

 What is the acronym for this?

  The re-named Civic Centre in Warminster once again played host to developers planning to build on all the green open spaces around the market town.

  HPH and HAB turned up for a few hours to the 'outrage' of town residents campaigning in favour of the six-year long approach by Wiltshire Council in their 'core strategy'.

  The unitary council had consulted several times in six years about where housing could be provided in the towns and villages.

  HAB, a development company set up by TV personailty Kevin McCloud, are now part of a contentious plan to build on 'Spurt Mead' water meadow in Boreham.

  "I was told by local residents how this was an outrage," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald. 'Who do they think they are?' was another phrase."

  "I have to agree," adds Cllr. Macdonald. " The planning officer has not yet produced his recommendation about these 35 homes for the rich.

  "The councillors on the county planning committeee have not met to decide to say no.

  "Yet these acronyms can appear as 'bullies' as again has been described to me. What acronym should we give them?"

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