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Annual chance to quiz the council in public

(April 10, 2014)

RESIDENTS who are on the Warminster electoral roll get their annual opportunity to quiz councillors on Monday evening. (14/4)

The annual town meeting will hear council chairman Paul Batchelor present his report on the past year's activities and then the meeting is open for public questions on any subject. This happens just once each year and is an opportunity not to be missed.

Councillor Steve Dancey, said: "I hope as many people as possible attend this meeting so that a significant number of issues can be heard.

"I'm sure there are individuals out there who are anxious to hear at first hand why former councillor Nicklin has been afforded so much influenece by the undelected councillors on this council in spite on the fact that he was rejected by the public when he  stood for election. (5 of the 8 Conservative councillors on the town council were elected unopposed)

"Also people may wish to ask councillors K and R Fryer, Davis, Jolley and Fraser why they backed a plan to allow a cycle route through the town park.

"From my long experience of bringing up children and looking after a senior with dementia I know how useful the park can be and understand why vulnerable people's safety should not be compromised by this piece of stupidity. Still there's time for them to pedal back."

The meeting starts at 7pm - please attend if you possibly can.

In previous years the validity of this meeting has been compromised by the presentation of grant cheques to outside bodies - turning the meeting into a kind of glee club. The Local Government Act is quite clear on this matter as this meeting is intended for the local population of the town and no council business is supposed to be transacted. 

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