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Wetherspoons - wither the food!

(May 23, 2014)

OUR new wonderful Wetherspoons has been open for a whole month now and is seemingly doing very good business.

Good luck to it - but VFW's Steve Dancey was less than impressed when he attempted to have breakfast there.

He said: "I usually enjoy a hearty breakfast with a few colleagues at the Rose and Crown in Warminster on a Saturday morning but on this occasion the venue was unabailable.

"So a colleague and I thought about giving Wetherspoons a chance and we entered the busy building just before 11 am. I have sampled the company's breakfast in other towns and while it isn't fantastic it is edible and the coffee is very good.

"Ordering was straightforward and my colleague and I started chatting - and waited and waited and waited ....

"After 40 minutes I enquired and was told the food would be another five minutes. Well by then it was nearly lunchtime and as I had a lunch appointment elsewhere I asked for my money back.

"In the past 55 years I've only been in the Bath Arms on two occasions, even though I enjoy most of Warminster's other pubs. Wetherspoons have done a great job with the exterior of the building but the inside feels cramped and below par.

" The 'spoons', as it tends to become known over time, has a Unique Selling Point based on competitiveness, quality and speed of service. On this occasion it failed and the staff didn't seem to care.

"I very much doubt if I will visit the establishment again - so I'll be sticking to the Rose and Crown."

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