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Councillor calls for more action on dog fouling

(June 10, 2014)

A Warminster Town Councillor wants more to be done to tackle dog fouling  after witnessing an increase in the problem in the last few months near where he lives and after years of complaints.

"I have submitted an idea to our town council that working with Westbury where I used to spend a fair amount of time visiting my late parents we should look into setting up a joint dog warden service," says Cllr.. Paul Macdonald.

"We cannot leave this issue to go on any longer without finding a way to tackle it."

The Independent councillor has submitted a formal 'Notice of Resolution' in time for it to be added to the agenda for the next sitting of the full town council on Monday 23rd June.

Paul's notice of motion says: 'This council recognises the problem of dog fouling on the pedestrian thoroughfares, busy school routes, and popular open spaces in the town.
'This council further recognises that while the majority of dog owners are considerate of others there is a minority that should be condemned for their irresponsible and dangerous inactions.
'The leaving behind of faeces is a well known health concern as toxocaeria can see the transfer of a worm to children which could lead to blindness.
'This council accepts that there is a public demand that action needs to be taken by local authorities.
'It notes that Wiltshire Council does not provide the resources to adequately deal with this issue.
'The council further  notes the successful working relationship that it has with Westbury Town Council and others in running the Closed Circuit Television operation.
'This council resolves to invite Westbury Town Council to join with this council in investigating a joint dog warden service for the two towns through a task and finish group made up of three councillors each.'
"I intend to turn up to this meeting with a very robust argument in favour of this.," adds Paul. "Two dog wardens for the whole of Wiltshire is just not good enough.
"We should be able to enjoy walking our streets and estates and using our public open spaces without putting up with nuisance and health risk."

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