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Snippets - World Cup-Policing - By-election

(June 09, 2014)

Fly the flag for the World Cup

The St.George's flag could be taking to the streets of Warminster very soon as a town councillor asks that the England football team kick off their world cup challenge with the support of red and white colouring the town centre.

The flags will be put up by volunteers and there is no cost as they are already owned by the town which held a successful St. George's day celebration recently.

Neighbourhood Policing

The latest neighbourhood policing team tasking group meeting heard from warminster town councillor Paul Macdonald about the 'irresponsible and sometimes downridht dangerous' parking in Ridgeway Court, The Ridgeway, and East End Avenue.

"I am pleased they have agreed that this is to be a taregt for their team, " says Paul. "Shortly the Wiltshire Police website will be updated with the other two priorites for Warminster.

"I also raised the current status of the Boreham Road speedwatch scheme which was approved a little time ago."

Warminster West town council by-election

The resignation of the unelected  town councillor (Con) Steve Welling who arrived unopposed in the town council chambers as well the unitary councillor will now see the electors of the West ward of Warminster given the chance to vote on the actions of the last seven years that they have been represented by Tories.

"We will hopefully see another resident who cares passionately about the future of Warminster stand as a real opportunity to speak up for locals," says Cllr. Paul; Macdonald.

"We need an alternative to the Conservative, Lib Dem, UKIP party poltical games that they play with local parish pump plotics," argues Paul.

"We need someone who is on the same wavlength as us!"

*Visionforwarminster will be adding commentary on a new page tomorrow now the by-election has been called.

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