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(June 24, 2014)

Speak Up or Cough Up?

There are some councillors who do not speak up on parochial issues and there are others who do but nearly £15,000 could be the bill to council tax payers after 'the town clerk was instructed to investigate table and lapel microphones' to be used at town council meetings.

"I have been described as a 'technophobe' by fellow Independent councillor Nick Dombkowski for saying no when I was offered a microphone currently used by the town council," says Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"£15,000 for the handful of meetings that actually need this is ridiculous when at Monday's finance meeting there is only £9,000 to give in grants to local worthwhile causes.

"I have joked today if need be I will get lessons from town criers to shout loud enough so that even the customers at Morrisons across the car park from the assembly rooms where we meet can hear me!

"But surely the real question that  should be asked of the current supplier is why does our current system not come up to standard."

Grants, Grants and Jollies.

Warminster Town Council will agree to spend £9,000 allocated from their six-figure budget giving grants to those who sent in applications for help with doing good work in the town.

It is not quite an A to Z list of those applying but it is an A to many that start with W.

It starts with the Athenaeum Singers who have reserves of over £13,000 for £1,000 to a variety of organisations beginning with the letter 'W'.

"It is vital that with over £43,000 worth of applications for financial support it is really directed at where it is needed," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"Too many applications to me appear as though they will support jollies or nice to support requests.

*The Finance and Assets Committee meeting of the town council will consider the grant applications next Monday (30th June) at 7pm onwards.

The Fat could soon be in the Fire

A quiet revolution in the provision of the Fire and Rescue service in Warminster and the county was well underway seeing Wiltshire wokring together with Dorset.

"I am not sure what is going on but well advanced plans that build on the occasional county co-operation leading to a new relationship has been suspended," says town councillor Paul Macdonald.

"There have been many fires that have drawn our retained firefighters to other areas in our county.

"We need to keep an interest in this in as we need to stand up and speak if it threatens our local fire service." 

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