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Planning objections agreed at council meeting

(July 29, 2014)

  WARMINSTER EAST councillor Steve Dancey spoke to the town's planning advisory committee on Monday evening. As he is not a member of the planning committee he had to address the council as a public member. Here is what he said:-

  "I commend the previous speakers who opposed this development for their sensible approach, as there will be some development on this site, in due course.
  "Like many people in the Warminster east ward I'm getting a little fed up with housing associations.
  "They enjoy a privileged position in that they have access to sites that other developers do not but they need to act responsibly and balance the needs of those looking for homes with the rights of those who already live in the areas where they are proposing to build.
  "We need only look at the over-development and monstrosity that a housing association produced on the former Hillside site and the plans for three storeys on land at Spurt Mead at the junction of Bishopstrow Road and Boreham Road to see what housing associations are capable of. Wiltshire Council were happy to pass both plans - though it took a Bradford on Avon councillor to highlight the height of the buildings proposed at Spurt Mead.
  "In this context and at this location these plans before you tonight are, by virtue of their size and scale, intrusive and an over-development of the site. In addition the additional traffic generated could be detrimental to the local highway network."
  "I'm pleased to say that committee voted unanimously against the proposal using these two reasons to object."
  Cllr Paul Macdonald moved the vote for refusal which is now the stance of the town council.

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