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Complaints Deluge No Confidence Vote

(November 07, 2014)

Warminster Town Council in Wiltshire will debate taking on what is described as a 'billion pound business' run from county hall in Trowbridge to deliver services that are failing residents who pay their council tax.

"This is just one issue that I have had a deluge of complaints about the way Wiltshire Council are letting us down," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"I am asking Warminster Town Council to pass a vote of 'no confidence' specifically in Warminster but also to spread the word across our county.

The failure to empty the gullies provided alonside the kerbs of all the roads and streets around the towns and villages of the county has seen the flooding of properties and a huge increase in surface water.

"Time is very short as I have learned from not only the ward I represent but also many others as well."

Cllr. Paul Macdonald (Independent) held a meeting with his town clerk and an officer from Wiltshire Council.

"Since then months later a briefing note to Wiltshire Councillors that I have seen has doubled the number of gully cleaners from three to six," added Cllr. Macdonald.

"Not good enough!" I say again not good enough! The 'A' Roads which  can be closed or warning signs put up are the priority.

"But homes being devastated by flooding is the real issue as I now know from helping a resident and listening to another from neighbouring towns.

Notice of Resolution

gully 001a 17-05-2014 09-10-00"I have submitted the following notice of motion to the next available town council meeting," adds Paul.

'Warminster Town Council has no confidence in the ability of Wiltshire Council to undertake its responsibilities that would alleviate the risk of flooding by emptying the hundreds of gullies provided for that purpose around the town.

This Council also notes that the town clerk and a local councillor held a meeting to discuss this issue earlier this year.

Warminster Town Council further notes that Wiltshire Council now advises that the residents of the town should clear the gullies themselves in its 'Wet Weather and Gully emptying' councillor briefing note 'No.215'.

This council further notes that the 'B' and 'C' and unclassified roads that exist within the town may not be emptied until March next year.

This council resolves to:

Pass a vote of no confidence in the Highways and Transport cabinet member at Wiltshire Council;

Gives permission to the town clerk to write a strongly worded letter to the relevant principal officer at Wiltshire Council and submit the 100 most urgent gullies for immediate attention;

And circulate this notice of resolution to every parish and town council in Wiltshire.'

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