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Trevor back as Lib Dem Candidate

(November 18, 2014)

 One of the Coalition partners the Liberal Democrats have chosen councillor Trevor Carbin as their prospective candidate for the May 2015 election.

 The SW Wiltshire constituency stretches from the 'county town' of Trowbridge down to the county boundary with Dorset, and includes Warminster.

 Cllr Carbin was second to Tory Dr Murrison at the 2010 election securing 15,000 votes.

 Andrew Murrison MP is a government minister with a portfolio that includes Northern Ireland.

 The Prime Minister has also made him his 'Special Representative for the Commemoration of the First World War.'

 "The UKIP prospective parliamentary candidate used Warminster as the launch for his campaign," says Independent town councillor Paul Macdonald.

 "I will be interested to hear from the others as my view is there is a wafer thin difference between the historic mainstream political parties.

 "Is Warminster a key electoral party political battleground?" adds Paul.

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