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Warminster Town Council 'Paradigm' speech Insights

(November 18, 2014)

Warminster Town Council was not just treated to one diatribe from their 'ruling group' members but a second and then a third on Monday night in a meeting that went on for several hours.

"In my view it was a complete shambles," says Independent councillor Paul Macdonald. "It reminded ne of the TV programme 'Yes Minster'!

"You had to be there to believe it."

The Town Council meeting agenda was riven with confusing agenda items for the public attending along with those at the table set up for members of the press.

"Cllr. Andrew Davis was lambasted from the public seats but once again I thought he did his best trying to cope with another agenda that became easily confused.

 "I invite councillors Jamie Cullen, Rob Fryer and Wiltshire Council dual-hatted Keith Humphries in particular to send us their well prepared speeches delivered to that meeting.

"In particular I want to reply to Keith's which a 'Yes Minister' style procedural move by him denied me and other sympathetic councillors the chance of any further contribution.

"And we can then also let the wider public enjoy their verbosity. 

"And where on earth did Jamie get some of his words from? Did he write those words including the word paradigm!"

Steve added: "I certainly saw a lot of eyes rolling when cllr Cullen was delivering his words of wisdom.

"I stifled a yawn but it was very unfair as I'm sure we all have a great deal to learn from his well stocked store of knowledge gleaned from extensive education and vast experience."

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