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Gipsy Lane approval recommended - but bats' interests are safeguarded

(January 05, 2015)

SELWOOD Housing looks likely to gain permission for an unpopular housing development in Warminster - opposed by visionforwarminster and local residents.

The Gipsy Lane plan, which was opposed by Warminster Town Council, has been recommended for approval by planning officials based in Trowbridge.

Selwood, also based in Trowbridge and an offshoot of the old district council, has been looking to build 14 dwellings of social housing on a site formerly occupied by the old Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health NHS Trust.

Councillor Steve Dancey, said: The residents took a very sensible approach and did not oppose the principle of development on the site but objected to a number of features.

"I share their concern and have to say I'm deeply disappointed that Selwood has largely turned a deaf ear to residents' concerns.

"As a housing association they are not a 'normal' developer and have access to parcels of land, and finance, that others do not.

"While I see the reason for this I think it is beholden on such privileged 'businesses' to pay particular heed to the needs of the nearby community.

"Existing residents have also been forced to accept the decanting of all the people from the old Woodmean facility on their doorstep. This has caused increased traffic and noise.

"I hope county councillors listen to the public and get Selwood to think again."

Official in Trowbridge have recommended financial contributions from Selwood for certain social infrastructure requirements - oh! and the interests of the local bat population have been safeguarded.



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