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read the letter the Journal refused to print

(March 09, 2015)

Last month three elected councillors from Warminster wrote this letter to the town newspaper - The Warminster Journal. They waited for two weeks but it didn't appear. We later found out it was regarded as a 'public notice'.

the matter concerned the ill-prepared neighbourhood plan.


Warminster East Independent Councillors

Dear Sirs,

We would like it be known that none of us has in any way been involved in the work of the Town Council's neighbourhood plan working group chaired by Tony Nicklin.

The group's reported plan involving the creation of a rat-run road linking Portway and the central car park is unacceptable.

Residents can rest assured that, along with others, we will try to stop this nonsense in its tracks.


Cllr Steve Dancey


Cllr Paul Macdonald


Cllr Nick Dombkowski

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