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We will have a 'Master Plan'

(April 14, 2015)

Wiltshire Council with the town council in Warminster are now gearing up their efforts to deal with the latest move to build on a large area of agricultural land that the coalition government has demanded.

A 'Master Plan Working' group agreement by town councillors after hearing from specialist planning staff at county hallhas been reached.

It will involve councillors and representatives from the public drawn from a list of ten residents groups.

This move at the town council planning advisory meeting held on Monday night saw councillors also agree to put a 'holding' objection to an outline planning application 'up to 1200 dwellings'.

There were some concerns about the membership of the working group expressed by two councillors.

"I am pleased that the town clerk gave us some more information about this before we decided," said Cllr. Macdonald.

"I argued that the impact that this huge development overlooked by Cley Hill will affect mostly those living close by it, but also, in my view, everyone in the town.

"I also pointed out the work that the East Boreham Residents Action Group had done looking into the core strategy.

"Wiltshire council agree with this view as they want it to talk about flood risk and integration with the town.

"Therefore, we must have a comprehensive, inclusive and united view about this."

Councillor Jamie Cullen, who represents residents in the Broadway ward, had been nodding his head when a member of EBRAG spoke about wider involvement of the town and spoke in support of the idea..

The suggested change to membership was agreed and the proposal by Cllr. Rob Fryer that Cllr. Pip Ridout should chair it was unanimously agreed.

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