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Town Council 'Extremely Cooncerned' Unitary Response

(April 08, 2015)

'Extremely Concerned' Town Council Letter

The Warminster town clerk has written a letter to Wiltshire Council using the words 'extremely concerned' as the issue of car parking in the market town once again exercises civic minds.

fairfield fiasco 002Wiltshire Council has carried out a 'car parking review'. At a town council Development Committee meeting a councillor and the town clerk both arrived with the same conclusion to the next way forward.

'The Clerk was disappointed with the request from Wiltshire Council regarding assets transfers and the timescale involved' the minutes of the meeting record.

"I proposed that the clerk write a suitably worded letter reflecting our strong concerns about the deadlines for a reply," says Cllr. Paul Macdonald welcoming the introduction to the debate from the council officer.

"Those were almost the words I was going to use," said Cllr. Paul Macdonald.

"I am concerned that a few weeks to consider taking on what appear on the face of it the dross in financial terms yet very valuable in community terms while Wiltshire Council keep the cream.

"It is time for town councillors to wake up to what may be going on and battle for a better well-thought out so-called 'community asset transfer' programme even if that takes a bit of time."

A reply is awaiting to the letter which sent on 2nd April. 8th April

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