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Huge jump in the number of Warminster based police officers

(June 30, 2015)

THE number of police officers based in Warminster will jump from just two at present to 25 from 14 September.

The move is part of a 10 week pilot project in west Wiltshire looking into the ways policing is delivered. Hopefully the change will be deemed successful and be permanent.

The news was given to town councillors at Monday evening's full council meeting by section commander Sgt Sean Brady who will oversee the project in town.

He said: "It will get local officers back in the town."

The division between neighbourhood policing officers will be bluured, crime management will be undertaken locally - though there will be no change in response to the 999 call service.

The move is not linked to the plan to build a custody suite in the town.

Cllr Steve Dancey, said: "I was very pleased to hear of this change as I feel the police in Warminster have become divorced from the public but in past decades there has always been a close relationship.

"Maybe, if the custody unit comes here they'll even open the police club!"

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