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Problems for Warminster recyclers

(July 20, 2015)

HUNDREDS of people a day are being inconvenienced by Wiltshire Council's decision to close recycling centres.

The changes, which came in last week, are leading to extra journeys, wasted time and fuel and almost certainly more fly-tipping as frustrated people decide not to take their rubbish home.

On Thursday 16 July Paul Macdonald and Steve Dancey attended the Warminster recycling centre, just off the Bath Road, and spent an hour speaking to would-be recyclers.

In the hour they were in attendance there were 32 disappointed people who had to return home with rubbish.

Steve Dancey, said: "Most were stoical and could understand the need to save money but a number were severely inconvenienced as Wednesday and Thursday are their only days off.

"A couple of people were clearly very angry and were likely to dump their rubbish near a highway - possibly leading to additional costs for the council to bear."

One man who is a keen responsible recycler is Mike Parker from Westbury. "I went to Trowbridge and found that was closed and came here because I thought it would be open.

"They want people to recycle but then shut the centres."

Steve Dancey added: "I attended the recycling centre on Saturday and the additional footfall was such that it was a cross between Bedlam and Piccadily Circus.

"The council has not only cut two days' opening they have also reduced the hours to 10am to 4pm The centre is now open for just 30 hours a week."

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